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We help VoIP Carrier to manage their termination system safe & securely

VoIPSofts is the most reliable and pioneered provider of quality-centric business communication products to various companies based on advanced technological needs. We provide the solutions to build the most engaging and beneficial interactions that help companies build their customer base.

Over 4 years working in VoIP services developing software applications and mobile apps for clients all over the world.
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Your VBS (VoIP Bandwidth Saver) Pc or Router Based?

Mostly we prefer our client to use pc or laptop for our VBS (VoIP Bandwidth Saver) or you also can use RPi (Raspberry Pi) for stable & good quality VoIP Calls, Technically router is a very low resource equipment & design for managing traffic between networks & forwarding data packets to their intended IP addresses, and allowing multiple devices to use the same Internet connection VoIP is very heavy load system, So our recommendation is to not use Router as your CPE.

Is your VBS (VoIP Bandwidth Saver) Safe & Secure?

Our VBS (VoIP Bandwidth Saver) works behind any type of firewall or NAT. That means, it has anti-block feature & its DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) protected nearly impossible to block or trace your location.

How much bandwidth your VBS will save?

As a perfect bandwidth saver VBS save more than 80% bandwidth . However, the quality of service is never compromised.

What will be ACD & ASR?

As a smart user of our VBS (VoIP Bandwidth Saver) you must have to know that ACD & ASR its not depend on any bandwidth saver solely, many things is related which is effecting your call quality most commonly your Low Bandwidth Internet & Low GSM Signal of your device, If you ensure this 2 things are fine than you will get best result of our VBS (VoIP Bandwidth Saver) which is 3+ ACD & 20% ASR.


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