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VoIPSofts is a complete IP telephony platform using which you can offer a variety of services such as:

  • Wholesale VoIP Termination
  • Device to phone,
  • Pc to phone/web to phone,
  • Calling cards
  • SMS/ANI/PIN/DID/WEB callback,
  • DIDsí mapping,
  • Call shops and more.

Unlike the other systems composed of many different parts, our platform is fully integrated in one application, what makes it exceptionally easy to manage. All elements that are necessary for successful voip implementation are already built in Integrated in one, server based application: SIP proxy, SIP registrar, SIPH323 converter, H323 switch, gatekeeper, SQL based billing, Callback platform, IP IVR, SIP tunnel server (vpn), Voicemail Clientís software: SIP soft phone with embedded voip tunnel client, web phone, desktop callback, web based callback, web interface for end-users, online shop supporting various credit cards processing gateways, management interface for administrator, multilevel interface for agents/resellers.

Skype id : voipsofts

Yahoo : voipsofts@rocketmail.com


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